Sword Brass Handle

New Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Scimitar Sword Micarte Handle 4404

New Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Scimitar Sword Micarte Handle 4404
New Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Scimitar Sword Micarte Handle 4404
New Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Scimitar Sword Micarte Handle 4404
New Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Scimitar Sword Micarte Handle 4404
New Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Scimitar Sword Micarte Handle 4404
New Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Scimitar Sword Micarte Handle 4404

New Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Scimitar Sword Micarte Handle 4404
We are having a sale this week. Off the normal daily price. For additional information on weekly regular sales, please see the. In order to receive a discount, customers must not check out on their own.

A customers failure to do this, will automatically four fit their right to receive any type of discount! Made, and the full daily price will have to be paid, so please ask us for an updated invoice, before you pay!

We want our customers to know, that we stand behind our products! On certain high end products. We also often have sales on going, like take an extra 1 0% - 55% off the top, so look out for our sale promotions. Why deal with or bu y from us?

Their will be zero Chinese, Mexican, Indian, or other cheap imitation materials used, by my branch of business, this i can tell you. My personal goal is to use American grade Home grown steel, any time its practical. Currently we try to use British, Spanish, Canadian, and Norwegian steel. What steel type you ask, High grade carbon Alloy, stainless, D2, 420C, 440C, 440J, hand foraged Pakistani Damascus steel, and 1095 high carbon Alloy.

I will not use cheep steel as most manufactures want to use, and try an pass it off as high end steel. As for the handles, IT'S my wish to allow the customers to request some handle type. However all oak & Hickory types will be used.

American Walnut,, Rose wood, we will use what ever durable woods we can obtain, but for special request, we will try an locate what ever wood is needed, if we don't normal having it in stock. In addition to wood, we will offer stainless steel handles, even brass & Nickle in special cases, and black micarta composite. Our Goal is to make high end products, un like the world has not seen in a very long time.

My Goal is to simply bring back American. Blades to the American people. In order to do this though, I will need you the Customer's help a bit. Time line target is this spring.

Sincerely Founder & President MR. Because we own and operate our own factory, you can place preorders with our company. All our blades & handles a like be specially carefully hand made, hand crafted, and pretty well tested in the factory.

We control our own testing and also allow you the customer to test our items in the field to some degree, in some since. We tighten up on quality control every chance we get, watching it very closely, for we take our quality serious!

Much more serious most likely than most of our competitors do, I than k. S incerely, President & founder, Mr.

Order 10 items or more of the same item number or item series, and you the customer may choose the steel grade, and both the Blade & handle types. We are able to use or work with most material types. We can make single proto types for customers, or simply run small orders in production. All orders must be paid for up front and for the most part are final, and can not be canceled once implemented into production. Prices will fluctuate depending on what stock items and or parts you choose. A Special Note from both Our President & Vice President, Hello to all, and welcome, we are so happy to have you as a customer, and the opportunity to know you. We look forward to having the rare special privilege of calling you friend. We think you will be happy with our items as well, we certainly hope so. Just know that you are a valued customer, and we care about your needs very much so.

If for any reason something is wrong with your order, do not hesitate to holler at our customer service team, please. We aim to take care of our customers, a least them that be worthy & straight honest with us, for such people be rare and so very precious in this world! In a few weeks we will be adding new items for sale, which we have drawn the blue prints for already. And be waiting to go into production.

These items are or will be a special American style, and with none other like them on earth in existence practically, we thank you our customers will want to at least check them out. We make and Design, our own items mostly, but we do also have a partnership with The Javad & Sons Inc, that designs Pakistani / Middle Eastern style items, while we do mostly American style Specialties. Together we both work as a team in a joint effort to build our new company. The Hancock-Jhangir & Associates Corp. Sincerely President & founder MR. T Hancock & Vice President MR. A personal note from our President, I believe that we not only have some of the best items in the world, but w. E also actually care about the customer's needs and wants, but even more so our good name & reputation as a manufacture is of the up most importance to us.

Last but least, here at the. We hate cheap made junk too. I will further state to our customers, that we strive to make high grade handles and blades, just for the customer, and his personal wants!

A personal note from our Vice President, Unlike some of our competition, here at the Hancock-Jhangir corporation, We have some of the finest employees, whom are great in what they do! We also search hard for the finest blade making materials around the world, and not the lower cost budget stuff, in which most Americans have learned, and grown to hate in life!

Comes with a genuine custom hand made thick, well made well stitched, leather sheath. The blade is made out of hardened & tempered.

It also has a brass. And the blade posses a. Good ability to stay sharp.

Under normal use it should be able to maintain sharp cutting abilities, for the most part. And it has been hand sharpened to a Sharp Edge.

Tem has an added bonus, the handle is glued on. Do you hate cheap poor quality metal blades, so do we The steel we use, is not made in Mexico, India or china. For information on how we do item grading, please see the.

What's not for sale: No toys , N o watt knots , No wall mount display-conversation pieces! What we actually have for sale.

A true Genuine -Custom - carefully Hand-made- crafted-real. Handle Type Real Rose wood, with real brass guard and end piece_. Tang Type W elded , 100% Concealed-Hidden- hollowed out Tang pipe handle. Tang Type W elded , 100% Concealed-Hidden-Narrow-Full Tang. Tang Type Non welded, 100% Concealed-Hidden-Narrow-Full Tang. Non Welded, 100% Concealed-Hidden Broad--Full Tang. Non Welded, 100% Open Visible Broad-- Standard Full Tang. Non Welded, 100% Open Visible Broad Extra strength Full Tang. Non Welded, 100% Open Visible Broad--Full Tang, plus added welded on side plates for additional handle durability & strength _ __. Knife & Sword Measure ments. Over all Length = __36_ inches. Blade Length = _29_ inches.

Handle Length = _7_ inches. Blade Thickness = _5_ mm. Blade Width = _2_ inches. Blade Point Typ e Style.

Epoxy Glued sheath seam's ____. Single stitched sheath _ X __. Custom Hand made Sword Sheath.

Medium ___ Large ___ Extra Large X _ XX Large ___ XXX Large ____. Single Guard strap_ X __ Double Guard strap _ __ Triple Guard strap __ _ _ Draw string holes __ YES _ X_ NO_. Custom Hand made knife Sheath.

Medium ____ Large _____ Extra Large ____ XX Large ____ XXX Large ____. Single Guard strap ____ Double Guard strap ____ Triple Guard strap ____ _ Draw string holes ___ YES ____ NO_. Tomah Hawk, Axe & Hatchet Measure ments. Head Blade Vertical Length ____ inches.

Blade Length Horizontal Width ____ inches. Hand Forged steel ____ yes ______ No. Axe head/ Hardness - HRC.

Accessories Leather Sheath Cover, __________________________________________. Custom Hand made Tomah Hawk- Axe-Hatchet Sheath. Medium ____ Large _____ Extra Large ____ XX Large ____. Single Guard strap ____ Double Guard strap ____ Triple Guard strap ____ _. We further state, that a.

Items be made from our personal factory. Here at the Hancock-Jhangir corporation, we do like. Rate each item's personal quality.

Also we can a sure our customers, that our products are of descent quality. Most of our items be in either. Above standard or high quality condition, for most of our buyers.

We do our best not to lie to our customers, we do care about what folks thank about our business, even strangers do matter to us. You need to know, that if we say our items be good , then we intend to make them good. This be a promise, that we make to every customer.

We do stand behind our promises! However please do keep in mine, that during transit, some times, things can get damaged, but we do our best to prevent that. We want all of our customers though, to understand, if we describe an item, then our description will be. And the item will be more than OK, but also very worthy for sale. Most of our blade collection, has been tested well through the years of our manufacturing experiences.

Our bottom line is, we take our customer's needs and wants seriously! Our standard for collecting knives or making them, is that both the appearance and the steel quality must be at least acceptable for our families to own, like at least a. Grade quality, if its not available in an A+ grade. So are grading scare, for adding items to our personal family collection, is simple, an item must be between a.

Quality, before we can excepted it into our personal collection, and. Grades are only acceptable, to us, when their are no. We are very picky when it comes to adding items to our family blade collection! Our Grading & Classification Scale. Classic Rare Oldies & Antiques. B + , special Rare antique classic, rare and hard to get , or maybe out of manufacturing, in good used acceptable condition, opened unsealed, and used enough to say its used, and well broken in, still it would look ok, or suitable to 76% of customers, and works ok or descent enough to sale. Condition is ok, but maybe Less tha n M in t. Made with good to high quality parts and the best of steel. Manufactured not at all any more. Has been factory tested for defects. A - common antique style, carefully hand crafted with extra care and tested for defects,, highest quality, for 82 % of buyers, Item is not brand new but used. Made with the good quality parts and steel. Manufactured only on occasion or not at all any more.

A + un common antique style, carefully hand crafted with extra care and tested for defects, high quality, for 86 % of buyers, Item is brand new, not easy to find on the market. Made with high quality parts and steel. A ++ special rare uncommon classic.

Very rare, hard to get classic collectors item. Carefully hand crafted with extra care and tested for defects, Condition, New. Highest quality top of the line.

Out of print & production.. Igh quality, for 88 % of buyers. Modern Contemporary Common Lower costing Items. B + common style, standard quality, Item is not new, but used.

Made with descent quality parts and steel. May or may not be Manufactured regularly. It is a low budget low cost item for most people, but 72 % of our customers, are well enough pleased with this item. A - common style, hand crafted with some care, and tested, standard quality, for 72% of buyers, Item is brand new.

Comes with some descent art work. A common item style, carefully hand crafted with extra care, above standard quality, for 76% of buyers, Item is brand new. A descent choice for customers looking for a suitable item at a lower budget cost. A + modern uncommon item style, Specialty item, carefully hand crafted with extra care and tested for defects, High quality, for 76% of buyers, Item is brand new.

Made with high quality parts and the best of steel. Carefully hand crafted with some care and tested for defects. High quality, for 90 % of buyers, Item is brand new. Made with the highest quality parts and steel. This item is normally higher priced and one of our best sellers.

It is desired by many customers. A + grade, it is a good choice for customers looking for descent quality for a cheaper price. Special custom design, commonly found. Carefully hand crafted with extra care and tested for defects. Good hand crafted quality, Made out of high end parts and steel.

92 % of buyers, like this item. Comes with good art work This is a highly desired specialty item, Normally priced upward in cost, for customers. It is one of our best sellers. Highest of hand crafted quality, Manufactured regularly. Of buyers like this item. This is a highly desired specialty item for customers, we have trouble keeping it in stock. It is also priced higher for its high quality.

It has a high quality art work. A ++ special custom design.

Arefully hand crafted with extra care and tested for defects. Highest of hand crafted quality, top of the line, Very best of our best, not M. 96 % of buyers like this item. Place, for most of our customers, this item could not come any better, then what its current status is now. Discounts & Sale Promotions (For domestic North America customers only). Note: Regular standard sale discounts may not be used alone with special sales discounts. It dose not take no were near that long for the most part.

In like a worse case situation, after 22 days has passed, we consider a package possibly lost, at that point we look into what may have happened to it, and if the customer is lieing or telling the truth about not receiving it? BY Day 26 some kind of decision will be made, on what action should be taken. We do try and take care of our customers.

We can also say to our customers, that we truly try to be fair with them, when ever things do go wrong, but we also have to protect our selves from cons! Just ask for our Vice president MR. Please ask for our president, MR T Hancock.. For all other international sells, please ask fo r Vice Presiden. We try to be understanding and helpful, during such times for our customers.

After all, what's wrong with helping others out? We don't mine helping people, but we also need to be paid. Their for customers should understand, that we cant wait on every body, but we do like to show some heart in many situations. Right to cancel, and or relist the item, on the. Buyers need to also know that failure to. We don't sell to any one under the age of 18 , or we catch ling to us, or has been banned from our listings in the past, or certain nations, or troubled areas in the U. We don't want this to happen to our buyers, so we ask, please wait for our invoice, before you pay? First of all we do strive to be fair as well as honest with all customers, so you be nice, be honest with us, and you won't have any problems with us.

How ever this dose not mean we wont stand behind our non warranted items, it will all depend on what our listing reads, how it reads in the description area, and what the situation be with the you the customer and your item. We do however make zero promises, that we will make an exception for you, we only say to you, its possible, not promised. We will try to keep your items undamaged, and safe. Most packages do arrive on time and safely. Concerning your mailing address, its your responsibility to give us the correct one, at the start.

Give us the wrong one, and you don't get your package, not our fault at all, so don't expect much action from us, over the wrong address being given, unless it is our own doing. It is only are responsibility, at the sale? You also confirm, that you have no problem abiding by our sale\s policy rules. You are confirming to us, that your above legal age.

Our Tools are often very sharp, and or very dangerous, so open and use them very carefully, use them responsibly , and at your own risk. We are not responsible for any injuries associated with the use of our weapons of war, and or tools. Customers understands we don't sell toys or watt knots, and uses our items, at their own risk, and agrees to assume full responsibility for their own safety. Tips to Care for knife. NEVER STORE YOUR KNIFE FOR LONG TIME IN LEATHER SHEATH.


We are a new company to the world in some since, who believes in patriots, and good hearted families every were around the world, but especially in America. Are items are made from high quality craftsmanship, designed here in Arkansas, and made in Pakistan, by the Hancock-Jhangir Custom Knives Corp.

We are a newly founded company, not yet rely known by the world, but we are working on being discovered. Are merchandise it self, is normally manufactured by the Javed & Sons Inc.

The Javad & Sons Inc. Is a partner affiliate of the. Hancock-Jhangir Corporation is part owner of the Javed & Sons Inc. Re two companies, both have teamed up, to form one great knife company partnership.

We stand behind all of our products. We know what we are. Doing, and will not let you down. The American people loving and desiring high quality knives, is what inspired the Hancock-jhangir corporation to began with, to go in business, meaning we love the American people, and are very much patriots in heart.

Don't be scared to try out our blades. You wont be sorry, if you do.

We strive to make sure we sell high end, high quality merchandise. We are here to bring back high quality back to America, as it once had long ago, before China and Mexico took over the markets. We are in heart, and soul, a company that wants to work for the honest People, just like you, Patriots in heart!

We here at Hancock-Jhangir, are very happy to promise our customers, that our items are made from high quality, high grade steel, and some old fashion rare hand craftsmanship,, and some love form good hearted families, with lots of care and pride, and for sure with the American / Canadian people in our thoughts. Each blue print is carefully drawled up, and well thought about, before any part of it even hits the factory floor in Pakistan. We design are things here in Arkansas, the American way, with American Pride, Sprit & know how, which we thank is a pretty good way. Maybe are stuff is made in Pakistan, but it don't stop us from making high end products.

On the behalf of Patriotic souls all over the world, we make this promises to you, by from us, we wont make you sorry. We do understand, that it takes high grade steel to hold a proper edge, and that good steel breaks, before it bends! All your merchandise made at the Pakistan plant?

Our merchandise it self, is normally manufactured by the Javed & Sons Inc, which is the factory, that makes most of are products, while the Arkansas branch designs and makes the blue prints, and handles most of the sales in North & south America. We do take customer care, and the customer's happiness very serious, yes very serious in deed.

We know that our customers are our future, and we do care about what our customers thank of our products, as well as our customer service. Our goal is to take back, what Chine-Mexico has taken from us. Pretty good idea, we thank. In the event we don't make the item, that a customer is looking for, well we don't charge that customer any thing at all to talk about making it for him or her.

Our services will be free. We also specialize in hard to get item types. Some times we can actually make them, or obtain classic antique items else were for customers, through special ordering. Often we have to place orders on back order.

Concerning back ordered items, from our factory, some can take between three weeks up to 4 months to come in. Special orders, if canceled by the customer, once that have entered the production stage are non refundable, period. This is a must have rule for us, for we can not cancel any special order, after we place one, with out causing our production manager and sells department a lot of head ache and work. Is are products intended to be used in the field?

We don't make toys, we don't make watt knots, or wall mounts, we only make real weapons of war, true combat-survival- Hunting-self defense items. To put it to the customer in a clearer more blunt simple terms, our merchandise is not just designed to hurt living creatures, or to cause the death to your prey or to your enemy, but its also designed to hold up while its seeing action, on the battle front.

Our Blades are not made out of cheap economy steel, and our handle tangs are for sure true full tangs, as you will most certainly see, when you hold one of our swords or knives in your hands. Our leather sheaths, are thick, often doubled or tripled stitched as well as glued together.

We make the blades out of pretty much what ever you the customer ask us to make them out of, providing you preorder. WE often install extra brass/nickel/ stainless steel pins in our handles. We make tough handles that normally prove to be durable out in the field. Here at Hancock-Jhangir, we do take quality serious, and we want our customers to be more then pleased with our merchandise. Dose this answer your question?

What we make are products out of? What we do use in are manufactured products, is high carbon-heat treated-hardened & tempered 1095 high quality stainless steel, or. High carbon-heat treated-hardened & tempered high grade regular alloy steel. Either steel type is wonderful for blades. We also some times use D2 steel. For our handles we like to use micarta synthetic composite, American Red oak, White oak, Pin oak, British English oak, American Walnut, rose wood, American hickory, regular stainless steel. We also in some cases, are able to custom engrave names on to the blades. Do we take large special orders? For customers we know well , we will often take special orders, and or request.

In most cases, the customer must pay up front, and their order may be placed on back order or back logged. Do we make customize blades & handles for special request? Yes in some cases we will, it depends on the nature of the request, and how hard it will be to fill the special order? Normal usage means, that the customer did not mistreat or attempt to damage the item on purpose, or try to lie to us, in order to obtain a new item.

And it must be paid in advance by the customer, before our company will take any action. The customer also understands, that up on arrival of their item to our return address. Has their been any fowl play involved by the customer? Is the customer telling us the truth about every thing?

Anytime we sell an item with a. Tell us what happened, tell the truth please. We than will decide if your item was abused or treated respectfully by you the customer, if not found to be abused / mistreated or altered by the customer.

And we don't find you liieng to us We will be happy to send a replacement item out to you or repair your old one. What makes us different from other knife manufactures? How about the quality of our hand crafted products. How about simply, who we are in life and in heart. We after all, believe in the American way, and the American life, the American dream!

May God bless America, and all its loyal patriots! You might ask, why we make our items in Pakistan, well its simple, U.

It would not be cost effective for us, or our customers, other wise we would have to pass on the buck to you the customer, that would realy push our prices up, for the consumer. When you look at our prices, realize that making good quality items, is not a cheap thing to do, some one has to pay for it, no matter were the merchandise is made. Competition is rough in our line of business during the 21st century. How ever if you will support our company, we will certainly try and support you! When both you and us, get to walk away with happy feelings. We are happy to try to satisfy our. Away from our listings, leave us alone, don't waste your time trying to Conn us. Concerning leaving feed back, Please understand, that we will not leave you any feed back, until you leave us some, unless your a problem child, and need to be reported to the E bay community. We like it when you and every one walks away with good positive feed back reflecting on them.

We are happy to satisfy our. Customers, best stay away from our listings, for we don? T mind prosecuting fraud rate low lives, or reporting them to E bay, we kind of enjoy doing it, after all some one needs to keep the Webb clean, and Bayer's safe from Lice!! The item "New Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Scimitar Sword Micarte Handle 4404" is in sale since Wednesday, January 27, 2021.

This item is in the category "Collectibles\Knives, Swords & Blades\Collectible Fixed Blade Knives\Modern Fixed Blade\Custom & Handmade". The seller is "hancock-jhangircustohan-0" and is located in Wazirabad or Jonesboro, Arkansas. This item can be shipped worldwide.

  • Handmade: Yes
  • Modified Item: No
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Pakistan
  • Blade Length: 28inchies
  • Blade Material: Damascus Steel
  • Blade Type: Karambit
  • Blade Edge: Plain
  • Dexterity: Ambidextrous
  • Original/Reproduction: Reproduction
  • Type: Boot
  • Year: 2021
  • Features: Sheath Included
  • Vintage: No
  • Blade Color: Black
  • Handle Material: Brass
  • Tang: Full
  • Brand: Hancock

New Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Scimitar Sword Micarte Handle 4404